Global Centre of Interdisciplinary Research or is a Not For profit consortium of academicians, researchers, consultants, policy makers drawn from global universities, institutes and organizations.

Organization presently has branches in Australia and India focusing on interdisciplinary domains such as planetary well-being, tourism, sustainability, economy, transformation and educational research.


Our continued interaction with global experts of various field encouraged us to create an research platform to facilitate, cooperate, collaborate and engage with researcher, scholars, consultants, development organizations, businesses and governments worldwide. Global Centre of Interdisciplinary Research was conceived and formally established in 2020 to further these aspirations.
Ideas of establishing a not for profit  emerged from the daily discussion among its three founding member where common research related issues started to emerge frequently. A lack of empirical research connecting real, on-ground issues faced by people with policy and practice became quite evident. Our purpose is to support critical research that leverages interdisciplinary perspective across multiple domains to better inform policy changes.

Our founding team members bring unique perspectives to respond to various emerging challenges and issues using critical research approach. Our founders have all been involved at grassroots efforts in driving improvements in social entrepreneurship and community welfare.

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